Boarding for Dogs and Cats

The boarding for your doggie is provided according to its habits. The Hotel HUGO for Dogs has a kitchenette at its disposal (pict.1), where on a daily basis a warm feed for animals is prepared for animals that are not used to granular food. The granular feeding is provided according to your requirement from all significant world producers, for instance: EUKANOBA, BOSH, ROYAL CANIN, ACANA, K9, PURINA, BRASA, FIRST MATE, APORT, DELIKAN and many others.

Kitchenette of the Hotel Hugo

Pict.1 – Kitchenette of the Hotel Hugo

Dog Run

Animal exercise is secured everyday in a spacious enclosed orchard (pict.2), which is a part of the Hotel Hugo for Dogs’ real estate land. In case you are interested, it is possible to provide that dogs are taken out for airing individually in a form of a walk in an adjacent manor park.

Dog run in an enclosed orchard

Pict.2 – Dog run in an enclosed orchard


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