A Contract of Accommodation

  1. The hotel keeper commits himself to house a dog in a duly arranged and clean pen in the Hotel HUGO for Dogs and Cats in Čechy pod Kosířem, Samota St. The keeper will take over a dog in the place of premises, unless agreed otherwise
  2. The dogs will be walked always twice a day and that is for one hour. Furthermore, apart from this walking, the dog will be provided with regular run inside the premises and that is every three hours.
  3. The customer is obligated to deliver the food for his dog in a corresponding quantity and quality. In case of an agreement the feed shall be secured by the keeper against payment. The feed is served always once a day in adult dogs and twice a day in puppies.
  4. On the day of housing the customer shall hand over to the keeper a certificate of vaccination with deworming and valid vaccination against:
    Rabies, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, certificate from a veterinary surgeon on the dog examination for infectious diseases. The certificate must not be older than three calendar days before arrival for the housing. The customer who has a dog older than ten years must deliver a certificate from a veterinary surgeon of a dog’s perfect health. The keeper reserves the right to deliver a dog before housing for an examination to the company’s veterinary surgeon in case that there is a suspicion of the dog’s illness. The examination cost is carried by the customer.
  5. Pict. - Hotel Hugo for Dogs

    Pict. - Hotel Hugo for Dogs

  6. If an injury incurred, or a dog became ill during housing, the keeper shall secure for a dog an entire care of a veterinary surgeon in that cost connected with its curing shall be added to the price for housing. The keeper is obligated to inform the customer of a dog’s illness in the event that he was provided with the telephone number, or a person whom he should turn to with a report. If the customer does not provide it, it is understood that he agrees with the procedure as mentioned above.
  7. A daily rate for housing a dog is charged according to the relevant price list, which the customer shall receive together with a Contract. The customer answers for the damages incurred through a dog during housing and that is to the full extent of repairs. The keeper is obligated upon request to show the customer the damages caused by a dog. The customer is obligated to inform the keeper on a dog’s insurance with a respective insurance company on the day of housing. In case of insured accident, the keeper shall secure photographic documentation of an entire accident.
  8. The housing is arranged always for a definite period of time
  9. The customer is obligated to pick up his dog during the Hotel HUGO operation time:
    Mo-Fri 8.00am - 4.00pm
  10. The payment for housing a dog for an arranged period will be settled:
    a) By cash on the day of housing.
    b) In a form of a deposit to the account with KB 27890984022/0100 and that is in the amount of minimum 50% from the expected price for the accommodation period.
    The deposit is not refundable
  11. Unless it is agreed by this Contract otherwise, this Contract follows the prescribed regulations of the civil law.
  12. This Contract is drafted in two copies whereas the original copy is valid, of which each copy has a value of an original copy and each party shall obtain one copy.
  13. The participants of the Contract are not aware of any legal hindrances, that would prevent the conclusion of this Contract or caused its invalidity and they declare that their will is not at variance with a written language expression, which they became thoroughly acquainted with and which in witness thereof they sign freely and solemnly.
Arrival to the Hotel Hugo for Dogs

Pict. - Arrival to the Hotel Hugo for Dogs


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